Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Read it and Sweep"

Bob and I have learned a very important and perhaps life-changing piece of information.

First of all, as you probably already know, when we travel together I read aloud to Bob while he drives. We have shared countless novels in this way - Tony Hillerman, the Father Cadfield books, FableHaven, Louis L'Amour, and the list goes on.

Secondly, you ALL know my level of commitment to cleaning house. There are always so many other interesting things to be doing!

So. Midnight Friday night I got Bob out of bed and we drove to Walmart and bought the last of the Twilight series, along with LOTS of other romance crazed females, but I was too tired to start it right then. So, first thing in the morning I began. I had MADE Bob listen to me read the other three aloud, after I had read them -first time all three in 4 days, and several partial readings after that - and he was ....tolerant. A good sport. About breakfast time he asked what had happened so far, so I gave him an update and started reading aloud. He fussed around the kitchen, did the dishes and sat at the computer, then asked me to come outside and read, which I did, dragging a chair around as he fixed a couple of sprinkler heads and cleaned out all the aspen suckers and weeds from in front of the house and in the Japanese garden. He fixed lunch, then started working on the computer room. Of course 90% of the stuff in there is my mess. So, he suggested He read while I clean. And three hours later, it was 1/2 done, and drawers were sorted and the begining was very noticable.

After dinner we finished the book, but Bob has decided to find another book right away, and we will "work together" to get some of the projects done niether of us wants to do alone. So, maybe we have found a new way to be together, get unpleasant jobs done, and share the written word.


ned and kim said...

Read the book in one day and cleaned the house. I think you just accomplished every woman's dream. Way to go!

bevbillruth said...

WOW! That's impressive! So fun! I've yet to read the books because I'm worried that I'd spend weeks recovering my house after letting it go. I guess I could get the books on CD and only listen to them while I clean, that way I'd get it all done! Way to inspire!

justjen said...

I read the first three books in just under 48 hours for the first time just 3 weeks before Breaking Dawn came out. I completely neglect everything including sleep until I finish. I think the cleaning and books on tape could work for me. good thoughts!