Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anne's Progress

I just talked to Anne. She had an evaluation appointment at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore with her Desmoid team. The MRI taken last Thursday was compared to the one in December, but not the one taken in April, when they decided to do the chemo. It is slightly larger than December, but her pain symptoms are so much relieved, that they are going to look at April's. The thought is that it might have grown significantly larger between Dec and April, and that the tumor is SMALLER now than in April, but larger than it was in December. They will call her Monday. They are very happy with her outcome so far.
The good news is that she is feeling a little less pain, and she is completely off narcotics. She still takes other pain meds, tho. She will resume chemo weekly for 8 weeks, then another MRI. They said it will be a 52 week plan. At 23 weeks, or when there is significant improvement, they may cut back to every other week. She is encouraged, and courageous. Keep her in your prayers.

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