Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

Ends first:
* I finished my landscape quilt, done from a photo Bob took while hiking Coyote Canyon. I took it, along with two other quilts, to the county fair building yesterday. I'll get pictures on here after the fair.
* Today is Anne's last chemo treatment, for now anyway. She has an MRI on Thursday, and an appointment with the team at Johns Hopkins next Tuesday to review the results. Anne has a desmoid blog, which I have added to the links here. She hasn't felt well enough to keep it up, but said she is updating it this week.
* Ned and Kim ended their stay in Richfield and have moved to Salt Lake City. That means all my kids except Mike and Anne (and Pete and Rebekah) are in the Salt Lake area now. Check out his and Mary's music sites to see all the concerts and "gigs" they have lined up!!
* Pete and Rebekah have decided to move to SLC area after their summer job in Chicago. They had planned to stay a year or two, but have decided against it. It'll be good to see them again soon.
* School started here today, signaling the end of summer vacation, which also means Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts are in the afternoons again instead of mornings, like they were during the summer. Somehow it makes those days seem longer to have mornings free again.
* We have resumed work on the the Hobbit bedroom. I took one of the old bifold closet doors and painted it the light yellow/gold we painted the walls, then stained over it. After two coats of stain it matches the woodwork in the room. So last night Bob and I painted the shutters (covers the 4x6 window, with a large circle cut out of the center to make is appear like a round window), the inside of the door, and the four closet doors. Today I stained them - first coat now, second coat later.
* Granny and I canned beef (cut up roasts) in her pressure canner yesterday. It turned out really nice. Protien is so hard to store! Tuna, chili and other beans...canned salmon, chicken, etc is soooo expensive. These roasts were on sale for 2.29/lb, and we got 16 pints out of 18 lbs, plus enough small scraps to make two pots of vegetable beef soup. I am going to do some turkey later, as well. Then you use it in stews and casseroles.
* Living the letter of the law, we planted two tomatoe plants, some lettuce and radishes in two containers. We are eating the first of the tomatoes. Gardeners we are not.
* Granny is flying to Wisconsin to Kevin's wedding in September. Everyone remember to send them a card!!

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