Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On Spiritual Growth

I play the piano in Primary every Sunday. That probably says everything I could add right there.
Flowers grow. A little water, a little dirt, a little sunshine, and almost everything you can plant will somehow survive. Okay, if they are outside and either get a fair amount of rain or are planted in my yard where there is an automatic sprinkler system. My house plants are another matter.
Children grow. Unless we are talking major physical impairment or neglect, kids just sprout up and out of their shoes and jeans and winter coats. Too fast. I look at pictures or video of my children when they were little, and I wonder where those kids went, for Pete's sake. I have adult friends with the same names and the same memories - well, their memories are sometimes different or much better on some things than mine, but the KIDS are gone.
But my spirit.
I love Primary. The kids are priceless. Their little testimonies and talks and their voices when they sing are magical. But I'm not being nourished.
I used to be more like the garden. I relied on the natural surroundings to nourish me - Sacrament meeting, Sunday School and Relief society. These things came to me and fed me and I was content. Bob and I would talk about class, about the latest insights he or I had discovered. Conference was a blessing and a whole season of rain.
I admit, except for the family scripture time that we had when the kids were all home, I've never been one to just sit and study the scriptures - in spite of all the admonitions to do so. I read the Ensign, usually, but mostly the stories and short stuff. I live 7 blocks from the temple, but don't go often enough. So, spiritually, I am malnourished. My spirit is not starving, just really hungry. I'm afraid if my spirit were a child, the Department of Family Services would be paying a visit. I have neglected it.
So. "Today is the first day of the rest of my life".
1. I will take my RS manual in my music bag and read the lesson during Sharing Time.
2. I will read my scriptures every morning while I eat breakfast, instead of the paper.
3. I will have Bob give me the SS lesson during dinner (our church is 1:30-4:30).
That's a start. So, here's to sunshine and soil and rain!!!

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