Tuesday, September 18, 2012

      I had my knee replaced Aug. 21. That was 4 weeks ago today. I knew recovery was going to be work. I planned on that. I started doing the post-op knee exercises last March, with the idea that if my muscles and tendons were already stretched and tightened in the right way, regaining that would be easier. I believe it has worked. Goal for extension (straightening the leg) is 0 degrees. I accomplished that at 3 1/2 weeks. Goal for flexion, or bending the knee is 120 degrees, and I was 117 yesterday. So that part is going really well. I walk around the circle in my house 2-3 times a day. I sit up for meals and at the computer for a short while every day. but so far can't tolerate more than about 1 1/2 hours at a time. I started Cubs and GS last week, in my house (cause I can't drive yet) and have learned that I need to wear the support stocking when I'm up, and when my knee starts to ache, I have to lie down. That wasn't one of the things I had been prepared for - being in bed so much!  I knew I had to use the walker for 6 weeks - to give the bones time to grow into the prosthesis - but I didn't know I would be DOWN for so long.
      The kids have been so good to come see me in the hospital, come down to help me here at the house, Skype and call, and it means a lot. I am really pretty helpless. I can't clear the table or help much with food prep.  Bob has been a wonder. He does the laundry and brings it to the bed and we fold and put it away. He does all the cooking. Every morning we get up early so he can help me get in and then out of the shower. He gets ready while I get dressed and do my exercises. He helps me with the exercises I need help with, then gets breakfast for us. He fills my ice machine (cold pack) and makes sure I have crackers and water by my bed, etc, and goes to work.
     The ward has been providing someone to come from 11 am to 1:30 pm every weekday. They help me with small things around the house, get me lunch, and help with my exercises.  Then I nap. Then either Vista or Makenna come at 3:30 to do some housework, and "babysit" me until Bob gets home. They get their homework done, and that works well. On Tues and Thursday I have scouts at 3:30, so I have some adults here to help me.  It is working.
     Brent Rasmussen comes 3 times a week in the morning to do physical therapy, and I think next week it will be at his office MWF afternoons. I think I will ask the ladies that signed up to help me mid day if they will come at noon, get lunch, then drive me to Ephraim for physical therapy.  So maybe 12-2:30 or something.
     So. Lots of time on my hands. Read some books, did paperwork for scouts, phone calls, movies. I should start baby Elizabeth's Christmas stocking. Maybe I'll get M/om to help me with that.
      Bob has taken me out in the car a few times, just so I can smell "real air". I love it. Soon I will be able to get onto the porch myself (stairs are not doable by myself yet) and I can sit out there for a while and enjoy "real air" and watch the autumn come.
      So, I'm glad I did the knee - I have great hopes for it. And I know I am making progress, even if it's taking a slightly different turn than I anticipated. So, God is in His heaven, and all's right with the world..

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