Friday, February 8, 2013

Nearly three years ago Bob had a dream - a nightmare, really -  that we weren't able to go on a mission because of my weight. I panicked and got busy, started a med/diet/exercise plan and lost over 30 pounds in about 8 months. I lost motivation after a vacation and some other things, but kept most of the weight off for almost a year. BUT - it's back. All of it. I had my knee replaced, so I can walk and exercise easier. I am on a CPAP machine at night for sleep apnea, and having better sleep at night is supposed to make for better metabolism and easier weight loss. I hate my wardrobe, but cannot justify buying anything new in my current size.

    So, here we go again. I MUST loose 100 pounds.
PRO - 1) postpone or prevent Type II diabetes, which I am genetically geared to get. 2) I have perfect blood pressure and cholesterol - and I want to keep it that way. 3) I want to go on a mission with Bob - which means being able to walk, stand and travel easily. 4) I want to be able to play with my grandkids and get up and down on the floor with them. 5) I would love to be able to hike with Bob again. 6) I want to live longer and do so much more traveling and spending time with my family. 7) I don't want to have to do a stomach by-pass surgery - I want to do this the right way.

PRO-BLEMS - 1) I love food. I eat for the tastes and textures and flavors and comforts of food. 2) I have little or no self control - if it's available I eat it. 3) I enjoy water exercise when I get there, and there are oodles of times and days available in both Ephraim and Gunnison indoor pools for arthritis, water aerobics and fitness water classes,  but I hate going, changing in and out of a swim suit, coming home getting dressed again. 4) I should just go over to the church and start walking every morning. Mornings are the best time. But I don't want to go alone. I know there are some people that do it already, but I don't know who they are.
5) I should be going to physical therapy office three days a week and using their bender machine for knee, squat board for knee and exercise, and stationary bike. It's at 2 in the afternoons, and I often forget, or am busy,etc. 6) I have had success with Weight Watchers before, but the only local meetings are on Tuesday nights and ...... THESE ARE ALL EXCUSES, AND I KNOW THAT.

PLAN -  1) Talked to Dr. today and am on a safe appetite suppressant for a month by month trial. I have to weigh in every week, and have a progress appointment every month.  2) I am committed to log all foods on, which worked last time for me. 3) I will go to therapy every MWF I am in town, starting today (even though it is snowing). 4) I will find a support group that goes to the pool and make them make me go. 5) I will stop the unhealthy eating habits I have when I travel - which are many - and make snacks, meals, etc at home before I go and be satisfied with what I take. 6) I will pray for help with my self control. 7) I will plan meals a week at a time and buy only what I need. (plus food storage, etc stuff). 8) I will post a weight graph on the fridge as a reminder, and so I am accountable to anyone who goes in my kitchen. 9) I will report here on this blog my progress.

Anyone who reads this is welcome to ask about, comment, encourage, and scold me. This is the last time I am going to be this weight. EVER.


kim and ned said...

Good for you, Bev! I know you can do it!!! You can do anything!

Pete and Bekah Ackerman said...

Go mom!!