Sunday, August 19, 2012

I am having my right knee replaced on Tuesday. I am excited, but mostly I am terrified. I feel my mortality. I told some one recently that although I sometimes feel my age, I seldom act my age. Today I am old.

Bob and I and three parents took 10 of my Girl Scouts to Arches where they hiked up to Delicate Arch. It was a lot a driving, but the girls had a wonderful time. A dad who went with us told me today he doesn't know how I do it - work with those girls every week. I told him I love it - it rejuvenates me to be around children. I think it's because those girls are full of chatter and excitement and fun ideas. They are embarking on the journey to young womanhood. I love being a part of it.

Rebekah gave birth to beautiful Elizabeth Kate three weeks ago. I had a cold and could only see her for an hour or so, but went back last week and spent a couple days. Adaliah is so happy with her little sister, and Rebekah and Pete are wonderful parents.Elizabeth has lots of dark hair and loves to cuddle.

I am proud of all my children. They are learning and growing, taking on church callings, jobs, parenthood, responsibilities, and doing well.  I rejoice in their triumphs and successes, and cry with them over their disappointments and trials.I got to watch Karen dance a couple of months ago - at the recital of the school she is teaching at. It was great to see her dance  - and then we found out she had injured herself earlier that day and danced on a torn knee ligament. She had surgery a couple weeks later, and is doing really well.  James is negotiating for a new job that will mean less travel and more time home with Cami and the boys. Anne and Mike drove out from Maryland, sightseeing and camping, to be at our family reunion and pick up Caleb, who had been staying with us. Hannah and Miriam had been here the month previous. It was so good to be with those kids!  Ned and Kim are staying in Ogden, where she starts this week teaching special needs classes and Ned is home with Alice. Alice is such a beauty, and although she is a little leery of strangers, has a smile that lights up my heart.  David and Erin are working and involved in ultimate, Star Wars, photography, and adding spontaneous fun to their work-a-day lives. Erin is in a production of "Persuassion" that I hope I will be well enough to go see. Mary and Aaron, Lily and Quinn have moved into Pete and Bekah's newly completed basement apartment. My hope is that they will be a help to each other. Dali and Lily love to play together.

I haven't blogged because I just haven't had anything much to say. I can't think of anything witty or amusing, and yet my life has been passing undocumented. I will get better at this again.

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