Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009
Okay, so I stink at keeping a journal, or a blog.
I have completed a couple of quilt tops since my last entry - a 12 block-of-the-month in pinks and greens that I added panels of "turn of the century" children, and appliqued borders. I also completed the "critter" quilt I started in Panguitch 2008. It has all different sized blocks named after "critters" and nature. It will hang (when it's done) over the doorway into the living room in James and Cami's two story entryway. And, the main part of Anne's quilt (she bought the fabric and gave us the pattern - oh, 4 years ago) is done, but we need to add really wide borders, and decided on Twisted Ribbon borders. AND, I have started a Charlottes Web quilt that is really cool, that will be big enough for Pete and Bekah's California king.
Here is a darling picture of James and Cami and their little Hudson! He is 6 months old now. They are for sure coming to family reunion! Cami's family usually go to Bear Lake that same weekend, as well, so everything has worked out wonderfully. Hudson is growing so fast! His laugh is contagious and he smiles and plays so cute. Rebekah tends him everyday while Cami goes to work and (darn it) he knows and like her better than me!!
But his is very friendly, and warms up quickly to new people.
Mary and Aaron have decided to FOR SURE to come to family reunion, with a 5-7 week Lily (Due June 18th). So, that makes %100 of my kids, and Bills. Ruth's kids are planning on it, but will need to see what work schedules are then. I am sooo excited.
Just a note on being "empty nesters". First of all, even when the kids are out of the house, they are not gone. And that is a GOOD thing. I love to hear from them, answer their questions (cooking, friends, pregnancy, babies, etc), hear their news, and share their joys. And I love that they love to come home and visit, stay the night or the weekend, or have us at their homes.
I also love that I have the time to do things with Bob. Our recently completed Hobby Room was the largest bedroom, and it now houses Bob's radios and work space, my sewing machine and all the stuff I need for quilts, crochet, knitting, scrapbooking, painting and crafts. Also, a huge TV James and Cami gave us, a day bed/couch with trundle, and all my favorite DVD's. So, often we work on things together in the same room and share a movie. Also, usually I can just drop everything when Bob calls that he needs to do rounds at the hospital right after work and do I want to go along for the ride (which means a couple of hours of time to do handwork, and dinner out). We both have ward church jobs, and can go to and from church together and sit together in meetings. ( I play the piano in RS now instead of Primary.) I usually do the cooking and Bob the cleaning up, but if I'm busy he does the cooking. We try to have an overnight in Provo or Salt Lake every other month. Our love and care for each other has only increased, and I am blissfully content and happy.

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