Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day and Signs of May

May 12, 2009
I have just had a wonderful weekend! Billy and Jen Hurd are moving to Utah, and were in need of someone to drive an empty truck from Utah to Fresno, and then drive an extra car back. I talked to Bob, who said he was fine with that, so Granny and I took the challenge. It was only afterwards that we realized it would be Mother's Day weekend. I mentioned to DaNae that Granny would have 2/3 kids there, and did she think Ruth would be willing or able to come down from Oregon. She has had a terrible time with her back and traveling is not at all comfortable.
Mom and I left Manti Thursday afternoon, after Girl Scouts, and drove to St. George, where we stayed with Bob's sister, Nedra. We left in the early morning and arrived in Fresno in the mid afternoon. There were lots of frantic, secret phone calls, while things were worked out, but Ruth and Craig did decide to come, and arrived about 4 am Saturday morning. We had arranged a very unique way to surprise Mom with their arrival, but she accidently saw them hiding and started squeeling and hopping from one foot to the other saying "What's going on!!! What's going on!!?". It was so fun. We had a park bbque with Jenny and Tara and Billy and their families on Saturday, played games, watched a movie. On Sunday, the ladies were served a delicious quiche and fruit salad on the patio before church, and the guys (mostly Billy) made wonderful Mexican food for us for dinner.
We left Monday morning and drove straight through, arriving about 10:30. It was perfect.
The Lazuli Buntings are back - in force! No, this is not some aboriginal tribe or a strange fashion trend. They are beautiful red, white and blue birds! We have had 8-10 at a time at our feeders. They are small, but so colorful they take you breath away.

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