Thursday, February 5, 2009

Februsary 5, 2009
This has been a very busy couple of weeks, and looks like the trend will continue.
I have been serving as a Sector Chairman for the Boy Scout Council here, (basically from point of the mountain or Draper, to Paige Arizona, and state borders east to west), for 3 years. Before that I was Sector Commissioner. (Because the council is so huge geographically, the Council President divided our 38 districts into sectors, and we, along with the Field Directors, constitute Sector Key 3s.

Anyway, Hal Miller became the new Council President, and asked my last November if I would be willing to serve as a Council Vice President over Membership and Relationships. After lots of q&a, research and discussion, I agreed. So they are in the process of replacing me as Sector Chair, but currently I am doing both.

As Membership Vice Pres., I am responsible for training the 38 District Membership Chairman, (if they have them, which some don't yet) how to find potential sponsoring organizations, organize new units, find the boys, and in the case of Venturing and Exploring, the girls to join Scouting. There are so many ways to be involved in Scouting and I am learning about Soccer to Scouting (mainly to get Hispanic families involved through a structured Cub Scout soccer league) and Learning for Life (a K-12 values and life skills curriculum for use in schools and taught by the regular school teachers). Did you know that a high school club, even cheer leading, can become a Venturing group, which would provide BSA insurance and access to Scout camps and properties, when available, for their activities? In a small high school with few resources, they could have a snowboarding club, chess club, science - anything, and have available all the training for leaders and youth, insurance, and all the benefits of Scouting.

Anyway, it will means lots of traveling and teaching and workshops and training and I am excited.

We have about finished our 'hobby room" (not to be confused with our 'Hobbit room' ). Bob's radios and other electonics, my sewing machines, yarn, paint stuff, scrapbooking-all in one room with lots of shelves and counters and a huge TV (thank you James) and a daybed. So we can both be working on things together, or if one is the other can watcha movie or doo handwork, read, whatever,and we are together. Bob took the plaque off on old cultural hall door and put it on the hobby room door. It says "No admittance without authorized adult supervision."

The Asian room is started. I am wainting to get the rest of the Hobbit pictures framed, then I will add a video pan of the Hobbit room for this site. And the Africa and Victorian, as well.

So, we keep busy. And happy.

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ned and kim said...

Ned loved your hobby room. I think he wants to put everything from our living room in our hobby room. Maybe next time we move we should just go with a studio apartment and save the trouble. Thanks for letting us stay. We had a blast.