Saturday, October 1, 2011


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Women's Conference in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City with two of my daughters, Karen and Rebekah. It was a last minute deal, and I was excited to be able to be there in person. It was a wonderful experience. We arrived and went up the escalator to the second floor, where we entered, then walked DOWN almost to the lowest level to our seats. I asked the usher if, when we were done, we could exit on the lower level instead of walking up all the steps. Karen and her friends went up, while Rebekah and I went around to the elevator that was being used for those in wheel chairs, etc. It was a small elevator and there was quite a group waiting. The volunteer usher suggested that those that could walk the stairs do so and meet the others on top. So Rebekah joined a few others and took the utility stairs beside the elevator. When I got out, I was still inside the seating area, and just on the lobby level - it only went that far. Then we had to walk from that east end to the center and out the exit doors. I entered the lobby, then went back east, looking for where the stairs would let out to find Rebekah. There were no stairs except the large carpeted ones in the lobby. No utility stairs. I asked the information desk, and they said they didn't know of any other stairs. They took me to the main elevator bank, but I told them that I had exited inside the seating area. After walking all over, I stood on the carpeted stairs for a while, thinking Rebekah would see me. Then we went inside the seating area, and found the stairway, but I was told those went outside - a fire exit. We went to "Door 14" where lost people are sent, went up on the second floor and hunted, back down and back inside. I didn't have my cell phone with me, and didn't know Rebekah's number anyway. I finally borrowed a phone and called Bob, who was hanging out with Pete and Adaliah. I asked if Bekah had called looking for me. He said yes she had, and after looking for me, had decided to walk the 4 blocks to get the car and come back for me, assuming I could be located.

Anyway, after nearly an hour, I was safely in Bekah's car headed home. Turns out she HAD been steered outdoors and then initially they wouldn't let her back in. When they finally understood the situation, they let her in but she couldn't find me.

I have thought about this experience several times this week, on different levels.
1) Because I didn't want to stress my knees, I chose what I thought would be an easier way. However I ended up walking 20 times the distance all over the place instead.

2) We chose to be separated, and although we thought it wouldn't matter - that we would end up in the same place- our paths took is in entirely different directions and we became lost.

3) It is miserable looking for the lost soul. I knew where I was, but couldn't find Rebekah. I searched every face, every corner, hoping to see her face light up with recognition. I wonder if it will be like that in heaven, as we wait and look for each other, hoping they are there or on their way.

4) It took contacting Someone Else to know that she was alright, that I was alright, and what I should do so we could find each other again. In fact it took more than one phone call that night.

I lave learned some valuable lessons.

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