Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer of the Grandchildren

I have been too busy to blog! That is busy!

In May my daughter Mary began a 3 month bout of very serious postpartum depression, requiring repeated hospitalizations and requiring lots of help with her two children, Lily, age 2 and new little Quinn. For most of May, June and July I had one or the other of these precious little ones in my home. While I was unhappy and sad at the circumstances, it was a blessing to get to know these grandbabies better.

In addition, my son Ned and his expecting wife Kim moved home for the summer between semesters at school. Kim is ready to graduate this Dec in special education. Their little angel, Alice Mae, was born at Sanpete Valley Hospital and spent the summer with us! Ned and Kim are amazing parents, and Ned is the housedad while Kim finishes school and later goes to work. It was fun to see these two, who had very little experience with newborns, fall so gracefully and beautifully into parenthood.

My son, James and his wife Cami had a new baby this summer as well!! Crew James is a delightful little copy of his big brother Hudson. I was unable to spend much time with them because of everything else, but hope to make up for lost time!!

I have had one or two of Anne and Mikes kids spend a few weeks with us each summer. Coming from urban Maryland, the lure of Manti is mountains, fishing, camping, horses and swimming. And time with Grams and Gramps. So, Caleb and Hannah flew out the first of July and were able to stay until their folks flew out the end of July.

And it goes on. I get to keep Adaliah, Rebekah and Pete's sweetheart, the end of Oct for a week while they celebrate their anniversary with a cruise. I LOVE THIS!

Although stressful at times, I wouldn't have traded this summer for anything. I love being a grandma, and I love that my grandchildren are comfortable with us. And I am glad to be in good enough health to do it. Sitting on the floor and playing, swimming lessons, middle of the night feedings, reading aloud, walks and talks and creative messes - these are the best things about those days that are past, and now are here again.

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Pete and Bekah Ackerman said...

You are the most amazing "Grams" in the world! I'm so grateful for your love and willingness to help out. Adaliah just adores you- as do the rest of the bunch. I'm so blessed to have you a mother- you're the best!