Sunday, May 9, 2010

So, here are the last two rooms.
#4 Asia

Bob went on his mission to Japan. Ned went to Thailand. Mary spent 5 months in China. We have had both Japanese and Korean exchanged students. We have LOTS of oriental things. Of course, the whole theme behind the oriental look is simplicity - no clutter- so we will have to rotate our treasures around. Also, Christmas is a Christian holiday, and there are very few Christians in Asia, so we added some red and green accents. The quilt is two sided. This green side is a piece of silk Mary brought me from China. The other side is blue and white. The small wooden shoes are ones sent to us when I was 4 or 5 from distant cousins who were living in Japan at the time. The sword, small Buddhist shrine, and funny little round men, and the doll, Bob brought or sent home. The green painting was painted by a Philippine wife of a doctor at Ft. Ord. The Samurai warrior Bob and I bought when we went to Japan in 1982. The large fan Ned brought from Thailand. We had the floor raised, and the futon mattress is set into the floor - it is very comfortable. The screens are velcro'd to the walls over the windows so they can be taken off easily in case the windows are needed. (Fire escape)

#5, The ideas for this started with the huge bedroom upstairs, and it was going to be a 1930 children's room with several beds of white iron, antique dressers, lots of dolls and toys on shelves. But we decided to make the larger room into a hobby room for Bob and I, so we used the smallest bedroom of all, and the closet, to make a very small 1930's room, with not very antique furnishings.

The day bed was Karen's, and there is a trundle underneath so two can sleep in here (if you don't want to open the door). There are two quilts on it now that I made. The Yo-yo quilt is an antique style, with small,gathered circles tacked together at the edges. The top quilt is a pastel log cabin design. Many of the dolls are my girls, and I bought several at DI to fill in. We took everything out of the closet and made it a play room for the grandkids. The pictures are aquired by purchase and gifts from family, the silouettes are of my kids in 1988 when we went to Disneyland. The tall doll with the peacock Mary made when she was in Middle School with a Girl Scout leader. Still some things I'd like to do in here, but it can wait.

So, now you've seen it! Come and visit!

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Camilla said...

your house is so fun with the themed rooms! Your so creative! All the grandkids must love to visit grandma :)