Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010
Lots to talk about, catch up on, and post. But first, I have promised pictures of my theme bedroom re-d0s, so I am going to again try to post them.

First. Red and white Victorian. Remember, the video was taken at Christmastime.

The furniture was Bob's moms. I had the chair recovered. The pictures are mostly from Bob's stepdad (Cleon)'s first wife's family, as is the blessing gown. The picture of the nurses is a graduating class from University of Utah, and one of them is Dr. Lee Thurston (past local dentist)'s mother. Helen Thurston gave Bob the photo. The doll is my mother's, dressed in clothes Betty Schultz game me that were hand made for her when she was a little girl. Red duvet bed cover I made. The pieced red and white quilt I quilted by hand, but the top I bought at a yard sale for $10. It is all hand pieced. Crocheted pillow cases were among Bob's mom's things, but not sure who did them.

Second. The Hobbit Room - Samwise Gamgee's guest room.

I studied the beginning and end of the "Lord of the Ring" trilogy to make this room as close to the interior of Bilbo's home as possible, including wall coloring, paneling, parquet floor, rug and furnishings. Pictures throughout the room are from calendars in the 1970's, painted by Tim and Greg Hilderbrandt. I kept them all these years. The bureau and bed were originally Bob's mom's, but we have had the bureau for years. The mirror stand we bought in Georgia - it is handmade. The feather quill pen is created from a crow feather and ball point pen. The basin and ewer, and the pot the flowers are in were created especially for the room by our potter friend, Joe Bennion, to look like the pottery in "Lord of the Rings" . The trunk was a gift from the Hedilius's. The cradle was built by Blane Christensen for James, and all the kids used it. The antique books are all mine and Bob's - freed up lots of bookshelf space in the library! The quilt I made from wool, using the earth tones for the Hobbit's love of farming, and appliqued vines and blossoms. I even "darned" a couple of spots so it looked worn. The bed quilt under the top layer I also made. The candle sconces, sword, wreaths, dried flowers, rock samples, etc. added for effect.

Number 3. Africa

The painting was found deserted in the basement David was renting in SL and the landlord said to throw it out. So he brought it home. Nativity set I sent for - made in Kenya. Animals and plants for effect. The small wooden ones I bought in Kenya and brought home. The 4 foot giraffe I bought locally, actually. The quilt I made from fabric I bought here, but it reminded me of exactly how things were there. The night stand is an old suitcase. The "hideously ugly monkey lamp" I bought locally, as well as the rattan screen I am using for a head board. The photo of the baptism I took the last Sunday in Katali branch. Mike Turner is in the center looking on. I plan to eventually replace the hokey animal pictures with ones I took in Kenya.

Numbers 4 and 5 next installment.

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BZmommy said...

WOW! I'm impressed! The rooms look amazing! I haven't seen them since the hobbit room was barely started and the Victorian room was just painted and the dress framed. Love them all! So fun!