Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family Reunion

If you are one of the kids who checks out this site, please spread the word. I am sorry to say that we are unable to get the condo/camping combo that Kim was trying to arrange. Have to be direct family to use it. But there is a nice campground called Rendezvous Beach with hot showers and such, and several group sites. But it's like one of those "call at 7:00 am on a certain day" to reserve. I am going to do that, but I really need some kind of committment. I know it's early, and no one knows what they will be doing 11 1/2 months from now, but if you are willing to make THIS a priority, and put it on your calendars now, THIS is what you will be doing 11 1/2 months from now!

We are trying for either August 5-8, or 12-15, Please talk about it and let me know if you plan to attend. The exact date will depend on when I can get the reservation for. I'll send a piece for your circus tent as soon as we have a date.

Thanks, and let's have the best, largest reunion yet!! I'll do everything I can to make it worth it!! Bev

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ned and kim said...

Plan on Ned and I. The only complication would be getting it off work, but we should be able to trade days. Sorry about the condos.