Thursday, September 4, 2008

***FAMILY REUNION BEAR LAKE*** *****AUGUST 5-8 2009*****

WE HAVE RESERVATIONS. The only thing available was a tent only group area, but they said there was no problem with sleeping in a regular vehicle if it had a bed in it (ie. Bill's van), but motorhomes aren't allowed. I know that messes with Ruth's back. Maybe Bill could drive his van up, but sleep in a tent and let Ruth and Craig sleep in the van? So now, we need committment in the form of a $16 deposit (to offset the charge to my credit card) from each family planning on attending. I will keep a list somewhere on this blog and the family reunion blog (see bottom of right column) of who has committed to come. IF EVERY FAMILY COMES IT WOULD ONLY BE $16 PER FAMILY FOR THE WHOLE 3 DAYS. Then the only other expense would be your gas to get there, food, and if you wanted to rent fun water equipment while you are there. If some don't come, we will distribute the additional cost to those who sign up.
If you want to check it out, it is the Big Creek group area of Rendezvous Beach Campground at Bear Lake, Utah. There is a pavillion, firepits, two cooking thingys and hot showers/restrooms, and it is near the beach. Sounds like a blast!


rabidmilkman said...

Bev, you are a regular Wonder Woman. Great work getting everything pulled together. Mary and I will most definitely be there!

Janelle Ehat said...

We are most LIKELY going to be able to be there. I don't imagine that school would start as early as the 15th. But that would be our only hang up (it seems to start earlier every year!). Unless of course we aren't able to get pregnant right away and have a baby at the same time as the reunion. We are planning on having a baby in July. But we're fine to bring a new baby. So that's our status. I'll talk to Peter and get a definite answer but I think we're good to go. I'm excited Bear Lake is fun! Some friends of ours have a cabin up there and we've visited up there with them a few times. (Their huge family uses the cabin all through the summer so there's no way we could use it though... bummer, they have a cabin and a HUGE lot right on the water.)