Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring and Rebirth

My daffodils are blooming. The crocuses have been up for a couple weeks. There are leaf buds on the trees. The grass is starting to green up.

And so is my soul.

During the cold and short days of winter I often find myself drawn in, like the silent bulbs beneath the frozen soil. There is life there. Things are felt and done. I have weathered the storms and basked in the occasional sunlit hours or days. I have found a quiet peace in existing. I have loved and been loved. I have tried to serve and make my days count for something.

But Spring is here! My soul is rejoicing. There will still be storms, but of a softer, easier-to-weather type. There will be work, and responsibility, and travel and service. But there will be warm soil, and bright light, and color. There will be outings and laughter and growth. I am created for springs.

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kim and ned said...

I love spring and I find it very appropriate to be pregnant during the spring. The weather and growth is symbolic of the growth going on inside of me. Things are new and perfect!