Thursday, February 17, 2011


SNOW: I love snow. I love the way it covers the imperfections in landscape, and hides the stuff we were too lazy to pull up, put away, or move last fall. I love the way it dampens the sounds of traffic, but brightens the sounds of birds. I love the way the colors of birds are highlighted against the white backround. I love the feel and squeaky sound of new snow under my shoes. I love the delicate white outlines on branches and fences and wires. I like how you are sometimes surprised by snow falling down the back of your neck, or seeing animal tracks revealing who or what was in your yard during the night. BUT -I don't like to slip on fall on old snow-turned-ice. I don't like melted slushy puddles the seep into your shoes or splash all over your car.

WIND: "They Call the Wind Mariah", "Blowing in the Wind", "She's Like the Wind". etc. All very nice sentiments on gentle, magical breezes. But last night the wind was very scary. Whistling down the canyon, turning over outdoor furniture, rattling doors and windows. And it was dark. I kept my light on and read "Mansfield Park" long after Bob was asleep, to keep from laying there awake listening. Then the power went out, and I had to put down the book. I was too nervous to go hunting for my book light. This morning it is calm and even a little blue sky is showing between puffy white clouds over a new snow. The terror of the night is gone, and the world is beautiful again. Life is like that, too.

BOYS: I have had an ongoing struggle with a couple of my Cubs. They are dear boys, but I just couldn't reach them or get them to cooperate or enjoy anything I was doing. I made some changes. I have INSTANT recognition for every little thing they do - like a sticker on a chart the moment they complete an activity. One of my guys counted up the chart and declared he had more stickers than anyone else. I have tried to have MORE physical stuff to break up the sit down stuff. I use the computer a lot - this week to show them who Shari Lewis was and to talk about puppets - and that gets them up and moving. The result is, they have been better. Finally.

FRIENDS: Bob asked my the other day if I had a friend. That caught me by surprise. I have lots of friends. I work with people in Cubs, Boy Scouting, Girl Scouting and church. I have lots of people that I can turn to if I need help with something or to share common successes and ideas. But...a friend - a hang out with, go to lunch with, come over and play with friend... not really. I have my Mom that I do all that with, and Bob. I don't really have time for more than that. Am I lonely? Only when Bob is gone hiking or such. I think Bob and I are closer now than ever. We have time for each other. We take the time to spend together. After all the years I've been involved in Scouting, he is now, too. And my Mom and I shop or go to Quilt Guild or eat lunch together often. We show each other our latest projects and help each other out. I am so blessed to have her nearby. So, yes. I have two very good friends. Eternally.

WEIGHT: I have lost 38 pounds since Sept.1. I have been loosing SOOO slowly lately that it's hard not to be discouraged. I had hoped to be much further along by now. But I'm not quitting. Too much is at stake. My health being #1, and going on a mission in a few years #2. I need to exercise, but hate it. It's too cold. I don't have time. I don't want to go to pool at 8:30 at night (water aerobics) and come home with wet hair. My knees still hurt too much to walk. Wah wah wah. I know.

CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN: You never stop being a mom. I love that. I thought my kids would outgrow me. I love that they call and ask questions and share things with me. I love that I still have some things they need. I love that they love to come home and visit. And I love being a Grams. Currently there are 6 - Caleb, Hannah, and Miriam (Mike and Anne) in Maryland, Hudson (James and Cami), Lily (Aaron and Mary) and Adaliah (Pete and Rebekah) in Utah. And between March and the end of June - Quinn, (Aaron and Mary)Alice, (Ned and Kim) and baby boy Armstrong (James and Cami). That will make 9! I am blessed.

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