Monday, December 27, 2010


I love Christmas! I love decorating the house, including (this year) three trees in the house and two outside. (I must admit, Bob does NOT like lugging 25+ boxes out of the attic for me to empty and send back up, only to have to bring them back down 3 weeks later to repack, and then return to the attic. But he's a good sport) I love the smells of pine and cinnamon. I love to wrap presents. I love to have people over. I love to cook a big meal and watch people enjoy it. I love to watch my children and their spouses and children play and visit and have fun together. I love singing in the Messiah, which we have done almost every year since we moved here, plus several times in years before that in other places. I love directing the choir and learning Christmas music. I love telling the Christmas story to Primary children. I love helping Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts make presents to take home. I love the snow! So glad I live in Utah where Christmas can be white.

This year was especially enjoyable. We celebrated the weekend before, so the kids could have real Christmas with their own families or in-laws. Most of the kids came down Saturday night. We ate then played games until late - everyone participated. Sunday James and Cami came in time to join the rest of us at church. Our choir sang two numbers, and the Primary sang. Karen and Jeffrey came that afternoon, and we opened presents while dinner finished, then ate. It was such a blessing to be together. We sorely missed Anne, Mike and their three growing kids. I can't wait for February when I get to go see them and spoil them rotten!

There were three little ones here - Hudson, 2, Lilly, 18 mo, and Adaliah, 10 months. AND next year we are adding Mary and Aaron's baby boy in March, Ned and Kim's baby in June, and James and Cami's baby in July. I am so excited! Of course that means I need to knit 3 more Christmas stockings next year!!

I missed not having children old enough to act out the nativity story. I think we can pull it off next year, maybe - at least a short version. We had to end having our grown children do it - although they were willing- the year David put on a long, white yarn beard and a sombrero and declared he was Paco the Sheepherder.

I love my family. I love the Savior, whose birth we celebrate at this time. I love my life and who I am and what I have become and who I am becoming. I love my wonderful Bob, who is my very breath and being. I love what I have to share with others, and that I have the means and time to so. My life has been so blessed.